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           The COVID-19 pandemic is not merely a serious public health concern but also triggers other social issues which include economic recession, mental health, education equity, and gender based violence.

           According to the survey on how the COVID-19 outbreak affects youth conducted by UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, and The Children and Youth Council of Thailand, the result shows the challenges faced by youth are not only health concerns but the disruption to their lives in different levels.


                                                                1. FINANCIAL STABILITY

                                                                                                      The Economic Challenges Facing by Youths

                                                                     23% has to leave their jobs

                                                                                                      52% concerns over the future of youth employment

                                                                                                      85% worry about their family financial stability

                                                                     There are numerous youths who are employed while studying and COVID-19

                                                                     has triggered these youth workforce vulnerabilities. Regarding their limited

                                                                     educational levels and job experience, youths are the most vulnerable to

                                                                     unemployment and the first to lose their jobs as some of them are informal


                  Apart from job insecurity, many young people lack financial literacy and money-management skills which causes

      youth’s personal and family financial anxiety. Youths are seeking subsidies from the government for their financial support.


                  Youth economic issues don't just happen because of the COVID-19 outbreak but they have been triggered and

      disturbed by the pandemic. We would like to invite youth to join us in creating potential solutions which can be further

      developed and implemented.

                               >> How can we create a secure and efficient financial plan for youth?

                               >> How can youth be able to access career opportunities which match their skills and needs?


Youth Co:Lab 2020

Youth for COVID Recovery



                                                                2.MENTAL HEALTH

                                                                                                      COVID-19 is not only a threat to physical health but can be overwhelming

                                                                                                      and cause strong emotions to youth mental health which can be clarified in

                                                                                                      the following five factors,

                                                                                                      85% Family financial stability stress 

                                                                                                      54% Schooling and exams

                                                                                                      48% Afraid to test positive for COVID-19

                                                                                                      46% Being isolated from social distancing acts

                 Fear and anxiety are things that cannot be avoided in the current situation. Learning how to cope with stress in a

      healthy way is necessary for youth to live a less stressful life.

                  The survey indicates that youths have encountered mental health issues and they are seeking emotional

       assistance to help them cope with anxieties and manage their emotions.  According to the open-ended question, it

       shows that youths barely know where or who to reach out for mental health counseling.

                  We strongly believe that the people who can solve the issue well are youths that have been experienced and

       faced them before. We would like to invite youth to join us in creating potential solutions that can be further developed

       and implemented.

                               >> How can we cope with stress and be able to take care of our mental health?

                               >> How can we create safe/comfortable space for youth to reach out for mental health counseling?

                                                                3. EDUCATION EQUITY

                                                                                                      66% of youths who are students face disruptions to their uncertain education

                                                                                                      which can be categorized into three main factors.


                                                                     - Distance learning

                                                                                                      - Uncleared schooling plan

                                                                                                      - Job opportunity in the future

                                                                     In order to limit the spread of spreading COVID-19 in the country, the online

                                                                     class becomes the available option in this new normal. Education should be

                                                                     accessible for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live. It

                                                                     improves an individual’s chances in life and helps to reach their full potential

                                                                     to be quality citizenship.

                  The online class is one of the solutions for distance learning which still lacks many things and there is room for

       new innovations to implement, no matter if they are in online or offline platforms. 


                  There are always challenges of improving the quality of education in both formal and informal learnings. The

       COVID-19 outbreak is one of the challenges that call us to find and create potential solutions that can be further

       developed and implemented. We believe that youth who are the learners are the key to the solutions.

                               >> How can we create the educational atmosphere in the classroom?

                               >> How can we encourage youth to have self-directed learning skills?

                                                                4. GENDER BASED VIOLENCE

                                                                                                      The consequence of social distancing, that includes avoiding large gatherings

                                                                                                      and close contact with others, has forcibly brought youth to stay at home

                                                                                                      with other family members for a length of time.


                                                                     13% feel uncomfortable staying with family members during the pandemic
                                                                                                      7% concern over domestic violence and abuse
                                                                                                      4% concerns over their sexual identity affirmation during stay at home

                                                                     The intense stress during the pandemic is undeniable at risk for everyone in

                                                                     many aspects eg. economic and it arouses the violence and abuse which

                                                                     often starts at home.

                  Home is expected to be a safe space for every family member, however, it is not applied for everyone and youth

      are likely to be the victimization of instability mental issue of family members.

                  COVID-19 has a specific impact on LGBTQ youth in many aspects. Being isolated from their supporting and

      accepting environments is already painful for youth who identify as LGBTQ, moreover, they are facing the fear of identity

      rejection from their families while staying at home. This issue is not new and it is the time to bring it to light.

                  We would like to invite youth to join us in creating potential solutions that can be further developed and


                               >> How can we create a safe space at home

                               >> How can we create mutual understanding and make community to embrace LGBTQ identity?

We are looking for potential ideas that can be further developed and implemented to a long-term innovation that contribute to challenging the four main aspects and other related issues that have an impact on youth regarding COVID-19 outbreak.


See more details on how COVID-19 affect youth here:


Together we can make the differences!

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